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   In the heat of a steamy June in 2018, guitarist/vocalist Jake Mack stood stage-center and six rows back at a festival held on a scorching blacktop to look on as one power trio succeeded another in a high-energy lineup of groups. Attribute it to the heat, his observance of the magic and simplicity of three piece groups he once fronted, or blame it on the beer. Hell, maybe it was a mix of all three. All that is known is  the love of playing in a trio, and the desire to rejoin this format of musical group, was reignited in him once more. 


     Without hesitation, question, or even much of a plan, Jake's request to be joined by bassist Chad Watson and drummer Jim Hurley in this venture was met with instant enthusiasm, and the kind of vigor you only see from high school bands starting a new project with friends that have always been there. Chad and Jim had always been there, and, until that moment, none of the members had seen the gut-wrenching, gas pedal-stomping, heavy-hitting threesome that was right in front of their faces.

     In the ensuing months, the three would meet - almost religiously - in Jake's basement on a weekly basis to learn and play their favorite covers, talk about their favorite records, and pen their own original material - and, they had a damn good time doing it. When you see the Heavy Lifting, you can pick up on the enjoyment of getting back to basics and making good music; the deliciousness of riffs from groups like Black Sabbath and Jimi Hendrix, the pop sensibility and love of big harmonies from groups like Sloan, Badfinger, The Beatles, and Big Star, the dusty twang and telling-it-like-it-is writing of Americana artists like Jason Isbell and Sturgill Simpson,  and the lyric-driven, angsty Rock of the 90s from groups like Soundgarden and Son Volt. The shows feel familiar, and the folks that come out to the shows are already your concert-going buddies, whether you've met them yet or not. 

                                    Feeling heavy? At a Heavy Lifting show, you can lift your glass while they lift your spirits.



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